By Carole A. Barrett, Harvey Markowitz, R. Kent Rasmussen

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After getting out of prison, Bellecourt was part of an Indian group called the United Indians of All Tribes that seized Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay in late 1969. The group seized the former federal prison island, claiming it as unused federal land, in the name of Native Nations. The first Indian radio broadcasts—Radio Free Alcatraz—were 30 / Bellecourt, Clyde H. American Indian Biographies heard in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bellecourt also helped to establish the Legal Rights Center to give Indian people legal representation.

The foremost warrior among the River Crow who lived along the Big Horn, Powder, and Wind Rivers in present-day northern Wyoming and southern Montana, Arapoosh led his people against their traditional Indian enemies, the Blackfeet, Sioux, and Northern Cheyennes. After receiving a guardian spirit vision from the “Man in the Moon,” Arapoosh adopted that symbol, painting it on his medicine shield. Before battle, Arapoosh would roll his shield along a line of tipis, using its position as it fell as an omen for the coming battle.

Born on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Vernon Bellecourt belongs to the Crane clan of the Anishinabe-Ojibwa nation. He comes from a family of twelve children that includes his equally renowned younger brother, Clyde H. Bellecourt. Like many marginalized Indian youths who grew up experiencing poverty, racism, and a culturally irrelevant white educational system, the Bellecourt brothers spent some time in prison. Reading, reflection, and sharing thoughts with fellow Indian inmates led Clyde to embrace traditional spiritual and cultural renewal as a means of revitalization for Native Americans suffering from, despair, alcoholism, and alienation from their heritage and its values.

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