By Douglas Niles

This module is designed for 4-7 characters of first via 3rd degrees. It encompasses a map of the village and an outline of its structures and occupants, an overland trip to a hard underground event for specially courageous (or foolhardy...) characters, and a listing of pre-rolled first point characters.

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35. MUDVIPER HATCHERY: This room contains several thousand poisonous snake eggs, and quite a few of these have broken to reveal their squiggly contents. The little snakes are easy to kill, but every bit as venomous as their grown relatives. Careless characters may undergo normal mudviper attacks (poison only) at the DM's discretion. Note that both troglodyte and mudviper eggs and hatchlings will die if the dungeon is flooded. 36. BONESNAPPER'S LAIR: This small chamber holds a savage-looking reptile that strongly resembles a miniature tyrannosaurus rex.

If Ramne still has his lightning bolt he will use it now. Explictica may use her darkness defensively, while Ramne may counter with a light. 37. THRONE ROOM OF EXPLICTICA DEFILUS: This huge cavern is lit by a ghostly green glow emanating from the eight columns supporting the vaulted ceiling. A rather large flatbottomed boat is set at the shore of the pool before you, and the water seems to occupy most of the cavern. Enraged at the boldness of the party, Explictica (AC 4; MV 12"; HD 9; hp 40; #AT 1; D 1-3 + poison) will try to destroy them in melee after they debark (which takes a full round).

If the naga is killed, all creatures who have been charmed by her will be freed from the enchantment. They will have vague, dreamlike memories of cult activities, but will not remember the experience as being real. This includes all humans and humanoids, no matter where they are. It should be noted that the troglodytes were not charmed to begin with, and will still consider humans as mortal enemies. The rest of the Dim Forest is still mysterious and unexplored, so a creative DM may want to use this as an arena for future expeditions.

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