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EHP1 for NW 7.30

Working with Authorizations
Authorization options for Compliant identification Management
Working with identification administration (IDM)
Working with Governance, possibility and Compliance (GRC)
Working with Compliant identification administration (CIM)
Designing an Authorization notion for an AS ABAP established system
Implementing an Authorization proposal for an AS ABAP dependent system
Authorization Terminology
Working with the weather and phrases of an Authorization concept
Checking authorization in an ABAP systems
User Maintenance
Working with diverse person sources
Maintaining User
Basic function Maintenance
Defining a role
Defining authorizations in a role
Defining customizing roles
Creating composite roles
Creating reference and derived roles
Advanced function Maintenance
Using subtleties of the authorization maintenance
Defining authorizations for method user
Configure authorization environment
Installing and improve the position maintenance
Configuring the position maintenance
Defining approach settings
Analyzing authorization
Transporting authorizations
Integration into the corporate Landscape
Using the imperative consumer management (CUA)
Moving CUA into IDM
Knowing different themes of authorization innovations within the SAP company Suite

The options defined listed here are confirmed utilizing an SAP ECC process. For the main half, although, they are often utilized to different components.
A basic wisdom of the SAP atmosphere is vital earlier than getting to this direction.

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All rights reserved. 31 Unit 1: Authorizations in General ADM940 Task 4: Now combine these transactions into meaningful roles to ensure that these single roles can be reused in several composite roles. Hint: There are several ways to do this. Do not worry if your solution is not the same as your neighbor's. The solutions will vary from group to group. Go back to the first worksheet “Roles Design - scope”. 1. Combine several transactions into roles in such a way that these single roles can be reused in several composite roles.

Authorization to create, change and display documents in company code 1000. Authorization to create, change and display documents in business area 2000. Authorization to change and display document items for the accounts receivable account type. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2011 ADM940 Lesson: Elements and Terminology of the Authorization Concept (ABAP) Figure 27: Roles and Authorization Profiles To provide users with user-specific menus after they have logged on to an SAP system, you use roles.

Are roles assigned to the user? If yes, which ones? ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ . a) SAP Menu: Tools → Administration → User Maintenance → Users, “SU01”. Enter ADM940-## and choose Display (F7). b) Select the Roles tab page. Yes: ADM940_DEMO_MENU ADM940_DISPLAY ADM940_PLUS ADM940_USER 2. Is an authorization profile assigned to the user? If yes, which one/s? ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ , ______________________ , Continued on next page 2011 © 2011 SAP AG.

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