By Pocius A.V., Dillard D.A.

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As with many residual stress solutions, the resulting geometry can be used as constant strain energy release rate fracture specimens, and has been successfully used to study time-dependent debonding and durability [69]. 7. Applications of fundamental stress transfer solutions The solutions covered in this introductory chapter all fall into a class of mechanics solutions known as mechanics of materials solutions because they involve assumptions that are typical of those made in the undergraduate level mechanics of materials courses.

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Resisting this horizontal force is an equal and opposite horizontal force composed of the shear stresses along the adhesive interface, as shown in the free body diagram of the adherend section, as shown in Fig. 19. Since these forces are not collinear, they compose a couple or moment that tends to overturn the section of the adherend. This overturning moment must be reacted by either peel stresses present within the adhesive layer, or by a resisting moment within the adherend. Either of these involves an out-of-plane deformation of the adherend and the associated peel stresses.

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