By Tom Shachtman

During this engrossing clinical chronicle, a perennial paperback favourite, Tom Shachtman combines technology, background, and event within the tale of our four-centuries-long quest to grasp the secrets and techniques of chilly. Now a documentary dependent mostly on Shachtman’s acclaimed booklet can provide to deliver those exhilarating medical accomplishments to a brand new viewers. Underwritten by way of the nationwide technological know-how starting place and the Alfred P. Sloan origin and set to air on PBS and the BBC, the documentary used to be produced by way of British Emmy Award winner David Dugan, in collaboration with Meredith Burch of Meridian Productions in Washington, D.C.

Absolute 0 and the Conquest of chilly demonstrates how temperature technology produced spectacular clinical insights and purposes that experience revolutionized civilization. It additionally illustrates how medical development, fueled by means of fortuitous discoveries and the choice of people, shapes our knowing of and relation to the realm.

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