By Bob Ong

I consider i used to be depressed whilst i used to be studying this... I felt again then that every thing wasn't operating for me. So I went to the bookshop and hunted for a ebook that may very likely make me chuckle. I selected this publication since it was once the e-book that the majority of my classmates have already learn and loved. After analyzing a couple of pages, i locate his anecdotes and outlines fun. i used to be pausing to snigger at every one web page. i will relate to him and it made me consider sturdy. i believe each Filipino middle-class will locate familiarity to Bob Ong's books. besides, I by no means idea i might additionally locate it inspiring.

Bob Ong was once criticizing our society, yet in a satirical demeanour. You snort whereas considering, "Yes, occurred to me as well." yet at the back of your brain, you inspiration that, "it was once so wrong." there are such a lot of issues we will be able to examine from this ebook, which i feel each Filipino needs to learn. It stimulated my standpoint of the way i glance at existence, schooling, happiness, good fortune and my state.

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