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Second, probably not everyone who places items on the altar would consider themselves Vodouists. Like the wishing stump to the side of the 41 altar, there are no prohibitions against visitors using it and there is likely some attraction to leaving an item or request. For some, leaving an offering may be like throwing a penny into a wishing well. For Catholics, the saints’ candles and statues of saints and the Virgin Mary may be familiar enough that they feel comfortable praying and worshipping at the altar.

It was chaos (Moyer 2005, Brinkley 2007). It took months before officials allowed residents to move back to what was left of their homes. Though much of the French Quarter remained above water, the city had expanded over the years to include the lower elevations of the land. The Ninth Ward was especially hard hit due to levee breaches and the below sea level of the ground which held the waters like a bowl within the surviving levees. It is estimated that about eighteen-hundred people lost their lives.

It is estimated that about eighteen-hundred people lost their lives. Many people fled to other cities and even states where camps had been set up. For those whose homes were not destroyed their schools and workplaces often were. Some people waited it out before they could return home. Others made new lives in new cities (Moyer 2005, Brinkley 2007). Today the Ninth Ward is still being rebuilt but FEMA trailers are fewer and fewer and income-producing events such as Mardi Gras have been successful.

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