By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

On the ultimate hour . . .

This remarkable narrative is predicated at the tale of Ajamila from the 6th Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam. The legislations of karma states that we are all chargeable for our activities, and demise is the the most important second while mysterious forces performing in accordance with this legislations paintings backstage to figure out our future. because the sinful Ajamila lay on his deathbed, he used to be terrified to work out 3 fierce, humanlike creatures coming to pull him out of his demise physique and take him to the lord of dying for punishment. unusually, Ajamila escaped this bad destiny. How? A moment probability: the tale of a Near-Death adventure teaches important truths concerning the primary nature of the self and reality.

At a time while reincarnation is instantly gaining reputation, not just with the turning out to be ranks of individuals reporting out-of-body and near-death reports yet with the general public at huge, A moment likelihood can exhibit one how one can use meditation and yoga ideas to beat the hindrances of materialism, meet the problem of dying, and eventually reach religious perfection.

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It is composed of insurmountably strong desires, and therefore it causes the living entity to transmigrate fr om one body to another in human life, animal life, and life as a demigod. When the living entity gets the body of a demigod, he is certainly very jubilant, when he gets a human body he is always in lamentation, and when he gets the body of an animal he is always afraid. In all conditions, however, he is actually miserable. His miserable condition is called saàsåti , or transmigration in material life.

One who is in the mode of ignorance cannot know what his past life was or what his next life will be; he is simply interested in his present body. Even though he has a human body, a person in the mode of ignorance and interested only in his present body is like an animal, for an animal, being covered by ignorance, thinks that the ultimate goal of life is immediate happiness—to eat and have sex. A human being must be educated to rise above this platform, to understand his past life and how he can endeavor for a better life in the future.

B oth the çüd ra and the prostitute were drunk . The pr ostitute's eyes were rolling in intoxication, and her dress had become loose. Such was the condition in which Ajämila saw them. "The çüd ra , his arm decorated with turmeric powder, was embracing the prostitute. When Ajämila saw her, the dormant lusty desires in his heart awakened, and in illusion he fell under their contr ol. As far as possible he patiently tried to remember the instructions of the çästras not even to see a woman. 56-62 ) 54 Brahminical Quali fications The order-carriers of Yamaräja, the Yamadütas, are explaining the factual position of piety and impiety and how a living entity is entangled in this material world.

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