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The other thing the book will do is show how each of the tools can be used to solve integration problems in an efficient way. In reality though, most of the features within BizTalk are flexible enough that you can generally solve most problems using only one piece of the BizTalk puzzle. Since BizTalk allows you to address a problem in dozens of different ways, there is no one answer as to how to implement a BizTalk solution. To help address this issue of how best to implement a given solution, Microsoft will be releasing several enterprise application guidelines for BizTalk 2006 that should alleviate some of this confusion, but this problem will never go away.

In many situations, given that most projects have limited resources, the integration environment is often a small, single-CPU server or spare developer workstation. Following are some things that should be considered when designing this environment: • BizTalk Server port configuration: Often on a developer’s local workstation, required BizTalk ports will be simple transports such as the file adapter to facilitate easy testing. Also, port filter criteria may be simplified as the entire list of document filters and transformations may not be required.

The send ports also return a response message back that indicates whether or not the update was successful. What to do with that response message is the responsibility of the caller, not the pipeline, adapter, or send port. These common subsystems also need to be built: • Coordinate fulfillment process. • Get customer information. • Handle errors. • Handle order rejections. Figure 2-4. qxd 28 10/2/06 12:26 AM Page 28 CHAPTER 2 ■ STARTING A NEW BIZTALK PROJECT Creating Your Development Environment Once you have a team established, the next step is to create an environment where you can create, test, and deploy code.

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