By Davis B. M.

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To remove “stuck” items from your Desktop, rename them, or create files from them so you can move them. ) 1. exe. 2. Open Control Panel ➝ TweakUI ➝ Desktop. D–G In addition to its usual function—deleting the highlighted item, or deleting text to the left of the insertion point—the Backspace key has another function in Windows. Whenever you’re in a window that lists files, such as a standard folder window, Windows Explorer, or an Open or Save dialog box, pressing Backspace moves you up one level in the disk hierarchy.

In Windows 98, it’s accessible at Start ➝ Programs ➝ Accessories ➝ System Tools ➝ Clipboard Viewer. In Windows 95, you may have to install it from Control Panel ➝ Add/Remove Programs ➝ Windows Setup ➝ Accessories ➝ Clipboard Viewer, after which it appears in Start ➝ Programs ➝ Accessories ➝ Clipboard Viewer. Edit Menu 46 Email Attachments • For Macintosh Users Learning Windows It’s best to close the window to the floppy disk before ejecting it, too; otherwise, the PC may access the drive, looking for the disk and possibly damaging it.

On the Macintosh, though, every application is a separate task that appears in the Application menu. Windows belonging to those applications are not separate tasks, and thus appear or disappear all at once. As a Macintosh user, you may find it difficult to work in Desktop windows that contain files and folders, because windows from other applications can get in the way more easily then they would on the Macintosh. If your Desktop is too cluttered, special tricks await. In Windows 98, enable the Quick Launch toolbar on your Taskbar, and then click the For Macintosh Users Learning Windows • Desktop Patterns Control Panel 39 Making Windows Look Like a Macintosh If you’re feeling lost at sea the first time you use Windows, remember that its alien feeling stems primarily from its different look; beneath the surface, most of the elements are the same as on the Macintosh.

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