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10, the atoms are imagined 48 2. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS AND MECHANICAL MODELS arranged along a single axis a-a about which the moment of inertia is negligible. Hence independent rotations can be performed about two mutually perpendicular axes, b-b and c-c, passing through the center of mass, M, and the orientation of such a molecule with respect to its center of mass is described by two independent coordinates. These may be taken as the angles Θ and φ which describe the orientation of axis a-a with respect to the x axis.

Denoting the chemical symbols of the two gases by Am and B„ assume that they undergo the single reaction aAffI + ^B„ = AemBi,„. LIST OF SYMBOLS FOR CHAPTER 1 25 Specifically, solve for the case when Am = H 2 , B„ = 0 2 and the reaction is H2 + J 0 2 = H 2 0 . 13. A thin metallic rod connects two reservoirs, each maintained at a constant temperature, as shown in the sketch. In steady state, the temperature distribution along the rod may be assumed to be linear. I Ti i ν///////////////Δ rx V///////////////A Enumerate the fields which are necessary to determine the state of the rod bearing in mind that it is not one of equilibrium, but assuming that the metal is incompressible.

We have outlined some of the essential concepts of statistical thermodynamics which can be based on classical or on quantum mechanics, depending on circumstances. This was done with the aid of the model of a gas, pictured as a collection of freely and randomly moving molecules. The models which are suitable for the study of the properties of liquids or solids are evidently different. In fact, no successful microscopic model for a liquid has yet been proposed. In the case of solids, crystalline materials are imagined to consist of regular arrays of atoms arranged in characteristic lattices in the physical space.

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